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This year, CK Mediator is expanding its distribution offer with new brands of foreign producers who dynamically increase the range of their products, also entering the Polish market.


Dorsch Home is a family business that has been successfully producing and supplying kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils to several countries around the world for many years. It was founded in 2013 in Denmark. The main goal was to produce products that were a combination of elegant appearance, solid, durable and environmentally friendly material at an affordable price.

Today, Dorsch is known for its popular pots and pans, which are manufactured from die-cast aluminum and a high-quality ceramic coating at very competitive prices.

The range includes pressure cookers, baking products, knives, cutlery, kitchen utensils, etc. The wide range of products covers general kitchen needs and provides a healthier lifestyle.

When developing its products, the company also focuses on other important aspects such as innovation, design and technology.

It wants to offer its customers unique kitchen products, made of the best materials, which comply with the Equipment and Product Safety Act (TUV).

The company Technaxx deals with the production of electronic equipment, offering its products at very competitive prices, meeting the high expectations of customers at the same time.

Since 2003, it has been developing the electronics industry in Frankfurt am Main, now these products are already available in 40,000 points of sale in 25 countries, including Poland.

Fashionable, futuristic design, ease of use, high technological quality and great value for money and capabilities are essential for success in the entertainment and consumer electronics market. From the outset, the Technaxx product range also provides its solutions according to its own design and performance measures, together with competent manufacturers and carefully selected production facilities.

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