Tesla home products will make your moments at home more enjoyable


TESLA continues the development of the nearly 70-year brand history. The offer is complemented by smart home products. The brand’s goal is to make a smart home an integral part of the flat or house ecosystem. When creating new products, the durability of materials and an affordable price are important.


The brand’s portfolio includes air purifiers, cameras, intelligent pet products, air humidifiers, sensors, switches, smart scales, and even smart heating. An interesting device is an intelligent laser for pets. However, it is not the only product targeted at four-legged household members. Also noteworthy are the intelligent cat litter box or the intelligent pet food dispenser.


Smart home products will make your life easier and save time. All devices can be easily adapted to the individual needs of each user. They are compatible with Android. Sensors and other accessories work via Wi-Fi, Internet, or Bluetooth.

Modern solutions are entering the living rooms of houses and apartments with more and more freedom. You do not have to worry about your home during your absence, because the intelligent assistant will take care of its safety and will take care the comfort of the owner and his pet.