CK MEDIATOR POLSKA Sp. z o.o. S.K., hereinafter referred to as WARRANTOR, ensures good quality products within a timeline specified in the warranty document attached to the goods purchased at CK MEDIATOR. This warranty is valid exclusively within the territory of the Republic of Poland.

  1. WARRANTOR is liable exclusively for defects which arose due to causes inherent in the goods sold. The warranty allows for 3 dead pixels and sub-pixels on the entire size of the screen. The warranty does not extend to the defects due to which the price of the equipment was reduced and those caused by other reasons, including but not limited to:
    • as a result of improper use (in a manner inconsistent with the attached documentation and intended use of the goods), installation, maintenance, storage and transport.
    • all or any external causes, such as mechanical or chemical damages, etc.
    • damages caused by fortuitous events (fire, flooding, etc.).
  2. Moreover, the Purchaser loses his authorization under the warranty for a product, if it is found that:
    • its warranty seal has been broken or other traces of unauthorized persons tampering therewith are found,
    • all or any attempts to repair it have been made by unauthorized persons (WARRANTOR deems as “authorized” exclusively the service of the WARRANTOR).

In the event of a breach of any or all of the sub-sections contained in the above mentioned sections the goods may be sent back without repair at the cost of the Purchaser.

Handling of a complaint through repair shall take place within a period of up to 21 working days from the date of delivery of faulty equipment to the service of the WARRANTOR.
Faulty goods should be properly secured for the duration of transport.
The liability for all or any damages arising from the fact that the goods have been improperly secured shall be borne by the Complaining Party.

The Purchaser is entitled to a replacement of the goods for identical items free from defects or having similar or better parameters, if the service of the WARRANTOR asserts in writing that the defect in question is impossible to be removed.

  1. Costs of transport by the courier company “DPD” from and to the user is covered by the WARRANTOR (only for laptops and PCs). Phones are not guaranteed door-to-door, and the cost of providing smartphone to the service shall be borne by the purchaser.
  2. Preparation of the device for shipment:
    For the duration of transport the device shall be secured (original packaging along with protection).
    It is necessary to attach the following items to the package: original warranty card, detailed description of the defect and return address.
    NOTICE! Parcels or other mail items not meeting the above conditions will not be accepted.
  3. Do przesyłki należy dołączyć oryginał karty gwarancyjnej, dokładny opis usterki oraz adres zwrotny. UWAGA! Przesyłki nie spełniające powyższych warunków nie będą przyjmowane.

  4. If a detailed description of the defect is not delivered, or if the actual defect significantly differs from the description provided, the WARRANTOR may charge the Purchaser with the costs of tests of 50 PLN net.
  5. A document confirming completion of a warranty repair is a repair card issued by the WARRANTOR’s service.
  6. A basis for collection of the equipment after the repair is a confirmation of its receipt issued by the service, property signed and stamped.
  7. This warranty does not exclude, limit or diminish the rights of the user arising from the nonconformity of the goods under contract, to which he is entitled against the seller.
  8. To any matters not provided for in these regulations there shall apply the provisions of the Polish Civil Code.

“DPD” courier company customer number: 159343
Contact details of an agent of “DPD” courier company: (22) 577 55 55